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Have you dreamed of being your own boss, working from home, working hours that suit you, uncapped earning potential and working in the largest market in the world?

All you need is a computer, broadband and training

At Elite Forex you will receive the necessary tuition to become a Foreign Exchange trader. We will teach you about money management, terminology, trading strategies, fundamental trading and charts. You will learn to trade with a foreign exchange platform using live rates

We offer a 1 week onsite training course at offices around the UK. With classes of maximum 10 trainees, you will learn the mind set of a Forex trader, how to trade, when not to trade, and opportunities to make money and how to protect your profits.

Our course will prepare you to become a successful Forex trader.

Course – 1 Week 9am - 4pm.

  • Day 1 - Understanding the basics of Forex, money management, what moves markets, Q+A
  • Day 2 - Learning Fundamental trading, understanding and working with charts, Q+A
  • Day 3 - Understanding the trading platforms. Placing trades, Q+A
  • Day 4 - Begin mock trading using trading platforms, working with charts, Q+A
  • Day 5 – Trading, overview of the course, Q+A

Up to 10 trainees per class

Cost £1200 per person
Anyone who has decided forex trading is for them wants to understand that, first on their shopping list is a forex trading class, Elite Forex Training offers face to face tuition with a FX expert. Whatever you possibly can glean from searching the internet, and accessing some of the free assets available, you must gain a deeper and more thorough insight, to have the power to buy and sell effectively.

That sadly does mean you'll have to invest some money up front in a forex trading course.
Without such coaching, you can be at the mercy of the skilled traders within the foreign exchange market, who will readily rid you of your hard-earned wealth. All too often, inexperienced new entrants to the market are scalped, and so postpone further forex trading, all due to a lack of commitment to the coaching needed.

You need to have a look at your skill base as being as important an asset as the cash you have to invest, and forex trading system you will be using. All three are needed to commerce efficiently, but a forex trading tutorial program actually is the requirement.

So what are you able to expect from a newbie's buying and selling lesson? Any search on the internet will turn up incalculable illustrations of individuals attempting to promote you all method of various strategies and coaching approaches.

At Elite Forex we show you the basics of the international forex markets, how they work, and the way traders make probably the most of them. Our foreign currency trading lesson outlines how buying and selling by a foreign exchange dealer works, and canopy some simple buying and selling approaches.

We show easy methods to make an elementary evaluation, in addition to the fundamental sets of indicators that a technical analyst would use.

At Elite Forex we will show you the fundamental instruments to get you self trading. Foreign currency trading could be a street to making a decent regular income.

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